One on One Organizing Conversations

Saturday, June 17 at 10am
Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Hall
10 S 19th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

One of the most important skills every good organizer needs is being able to have one-on-one organizing conversations that can move people to action. Having an effective organizing conversation isn’t about being particularly charismatic or persuasive and it’s certainly not about making arguments to try to convince people of your point of view. It’s about listening and asking questions; it’s about hearing about peoples’ experiences, their hopes and their fears; and it’s about helping people find a path to creating change.

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll learn the steps of an effective organizing conversation, think about how and where we can have these conversations, and gain a little experience by practicing these skills with each other.

History of Social Movements in Pittsburgh

Wednesday, June 14th
Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Hall
10 S 19th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

As we continue the Organize Pittsburgh Summer Training Program we’ll take a chance to learn about and reflect on our past. Pittsburgh has a deep and rich social movement history. While we our city is probably best known as the cradle of the American labor movement, important moments in the civil rights, women’s movement, and environmental movement have all played out in Pittsburgh.

And Pittsburgh’s social movement legacy isn’t just distant history. In recent years, Pittsburghers played a significant role in the opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the G20 came to our city we rose against the corrupt and unjust policies that led to the financial crisis. We occupied Peoples’ Park for months, we took to the streets again and again to stand up against racist policing, and we were the first city in the country to ban fracking.

Join us on June 14th to take a look at Pittsburgh’s deep and rich social movement history and tease out the lessons our past can share with today’s movements.


Pittsburgh Movement History from POG to Penn Plaza